Hosted Concrete Details

To dimension Structural Connections and other elements, consider using Smart Dimensions instead of these settings. Read more about Smart Dimensions here.

These dimensioning rules will work on point-based families if the Family parameter "Material for Model Behavior" is set to Concrete or Precast Concrete.

Common Dimensioning in View

Ticked checkboxes indicate which elements should be dimensioned in View - Front, Side, or Back.

Include Precast Concrete Details - tick ON to accept Families whose "Material for Model Behavior" parameter is set to Precast Concrete.

Dimensioning Rules

Select how to dimension Hosted Concrete Details

Dimensions will snap to every edge of the solid in Concrete detail.

Only Total dimension - tick ON to place only the total dimensions of Concrete details.

Group Dimensions by Type - tick ON to separate dimensions according to hosted element Type.

Split Dimensions on Equality

These settings group dimensions and use Equality formula if same distance is repeated several times.

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