Batch Numbering Elements

The Elements Batch Numbering feature can apply multiple configurations to different parameters at once.

To do that, first, create and save configurations with the needed settings. Then, close the Configuration window (not necessary to click 'OK' – the window can simply be closed).

After that, Elements Batch Numbering can be organized. Rows in a table represent SortMark configurations that will be executed at once. You can add or remove rows using the buttons on the bottom left.

There are 3 main columns. In the first one, you can use the checkboxes to enable or disable running particular configurations. In the Category column, you need to select the category of the SortMark configuration. In the last column, you can find all available configurations of the selected category.

And you can save these sets of configurations for future use. To do that, create Elements Batch Numbering configurations using the menu at the top of the window.

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