Common options

Additional options available in the Common Options tab:

Create Detail Views only for Primary Assembly - If ticked ON, it will create Detail Views only for the Primary Assembly. Otherwise, it will create detail views for each assembly instance.

Create Detail Views Later with other Command - If ticked ON, Detail Views will not be created during Create Assembly command. Instead, you will have to use a separate command later to do that.

Add Shop Drawing Configuration to Assembly - This allows you to save configurations from Assembly by using Save SDC From Assembly command.

Align Assembly Front View orientation with Front view orientation in Family Editor - important for loadable Families like Structural Framing, Structural Columns, etc. The Front View of the Assembly will be oriented as the Front View in the Family Editor.

Reverse Wall Front/Back Views - It will rotate the Assembly Origin for Wall by 180 degrees, so Front View will show the back side of the wall (by default, the Front View is the exterior side of the Wall).

Add Windows/Doors into Assembly - By default, Windows and Doors category Families are not added to the Assembly. If ticked ON, the Create and Update Assembly commands will add window/door families to Assembly automatically.

Rotate Views - Select this option to rotate all views at once.

Insert Gravity Point (GP) - Inserts a Gravity Point into the Assembly (GP will be created only if all elements have materials assigned).

Tag with Leaders - Related to the Tag Elements option in Assembly Views tab. If that one and this one are checked, then Tags will have Leaders.

Lengthen Section View - Moves section heads outside dimension lines:

Shorten Section View - Moves section heads inside, so that they would be as close to the Host as possible:

Lock 3D Views - After the assembly has been created, the 3D view will be locked.

Sync 3D View Orientation from Template - If ticked ON, the orientation of the 3D view will be based on Template Assembly's 3D view orientation.

Move Section Views Between Assembly and First Dimension - It will move elevation views closer to the Assembly.

Place Spot Dimensions in Front View - For elements of the Walls category, the tool will place Top & Bottom spot elevations in the Front View.

Always Calculate Rebar Mass - If it is not selected, the rebar mass will be calculated and added to the assembly mass. But only if the assembly is created in 3D view with fine detail level and rebar visibility set to solid.

Create Rebar Images - If there are rebar elements in the assembly, rebar shape images will be created and assigned to the Instance Image parameter. The image will contain real values of rebar segment lengths. Rebar image settings are defined in Rebar Image Configuration.

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