Split Parts by invisible lines

This is a simple way to split your paneling according to the main frame studs when you have two overlapping paneling layers in your frame. We’ve incorporated configurations to do that for you.

Note: When loading families into your project, tick ‘Main Families’ and ‘Split & Invisible Families’. The latter includes families that split the parts:

Now these families will be automatically used by specific secondary frame configurations that we provide to you.

There’s a simple adjustment you need to make in the Main Frame configuration. Here’s how to do it.

Change ‘Delete or Move Studs when they Collide’ from ‘Delete’ to ‘Move’. This step is important because the common stud or a cripple at the openings may be deleted, and the panel board will not be split at that point.

After the families have been loaded and the Main Frame configuration has been altered, all you have to do is link the configurations to your wall type in the Link Wall dialogue:

Then, frame the wall with its additional layers, specifically Secondary Frame, where the M_WF_Part Split Stud-Joist families are placed. These families will be aligned with the main frame studs and paneling will be split according to them.

As you can see below, the paneling boards overlap each other, and the splits are aligned with the main frame studs.

Note: You can move, copy, and modify these Split elements just like any other Frame element within your wall.

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