Insert Door/Window Openings

Door & Window opening insertion can only be performed in a structural model when the architectural model with real doors and windows is linked.

After the configurations are set, users must select "Insert/Update Door/Window Openings:

The Cut Opening will automatically analyze structural and linked architectural models to find the dimensions of doors and windows. Then, the "Opening Table" will be opened.

In this case, to insert the Openings, users must select the elements in the table for which openings should be created. Alternatively, it is possible to select all the table at once by clicking in the empty cell on the left top corner of the table. Selecting "Insert/Update" will trigger the window and/or door family selection process. Cut Opening provides two opening families to be inserted: "Window Square Opening" and "Door Square Opening" that, upon insertion, will be automatically sized to the correct dimension. Alternatively, users can select to insert any of their model's door/window elements.

After the family is selected, Cut Opening will populate the model with those.

When selecting the door or window family, only that category will be populated. It does not matter if in table selection there are both doors and windows selected

The exact process should be repeated for the doors.

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