Manage Sheets

Manage Sheets command creates new Sheets according to a user-defined template Sheet. Before starting to work with the Manage Sheets tool, at least one Sheet for a template has to be in the project.

Manage Sheets

Elements of the Sheets category are grouped together in a tree. You can select parameter to group by using Configure Grouping

The list of all existing Sheets with their parameters. Using Select Parameters, users can choose the parameters to be used in this table. These parameters can later be used to configure grouping.

Select Parameters

Select which parameters will appear in the Sheets table.

Available Items – all possible Sheets category parameters:

Common parameters checkbox – shows only common parameters of the Sheets category.

Selected Items – parameter that will appear in the Sheets table. The order of parameters can be adjusted using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons.

Configure Grouping

The Sheets can be grouped together in a tree.

For example, If Sheet Number, Sheet Name and Scale are selected in the Configure Grouping window, then the elements can be expanded, filtered, and quantified by these parameters.

The list of parameters comes from the Select Parameters.

Create New Sheets

To create new Sheets, select a template from the list and hit Create New Sheets. A template is an existing Sheet with views placed on it.

Choose views that you want to place on Sheets:

Choose view settings to copy from the template Sheet's views:

In the next window, you need to map the selected views to the template Sheet's views.

In this table, every row represents a newly-created Sheet.

Group Views by type checkbox will organize views according to their types in respective columns. When finished, hit OK.

New Sheets are created. You can click OK to finish this command or you can change some parameter values (such as Sheet Name, Sheet Number) of the new Sheets first.

Other commands

In the Manage Sheets window, you can also:

  • Duplicate Sheet – this command duplicates selected Sheets which all their views.

  • Rename Sheet as View Name – changes the names of selected Sheets to the names of the main views that are in these Sheets.

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