Opening Framing – General

Framing Configuration may be found in two locations:


Opening Framing

Opening settings are saved under separate names and can be adjusted for different opening sizes (From – To).

Also, the software will recognize if the opening is inserted into a structural (bearing) or non-structural floor.

Opening Framing – settings for framing single openings, which are mostly used for Ducts, Pipes, or other MEP elements.


Preassembled – fills in information for the framing elements (like trimming joists, headers, etc.) from the selected configuration. The configuration can later be scheduled and separately displayed in shop drawings.

Opening Element Preassembled – fills in information for the opening, which can be later scheduled and separately displayed in shop drawings.

Fills information into these parameters:

FM Module Type

For Openings – writes opening type.

For Connections – writes join configuration name.

FM Module Mark – writes FM Module Type + Mark (from Floor) + Mark (from Opening) + unique number.

FM Module Preassembled – writes Yes/No if element is (or is not) included in the preassembly.


Header2 is included in the preassembly so FM Module Type parameter has Opening value, FM Module Mark parameter contains FM Module Type parameter value (Opening) + current floor Mark value (F-1, can be seen near FM HostMemberSortMark) + current window Mark + unique number.

All these parameters can later be used in the schedules and view filters.

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