Grid Numbering

Grid Numbering - opens the numbering dialog for the Grids category.

Filter - Grids can be filtered by the following parameters: All, Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, or Arc.

Mark Symbol – the first mark symbol for the active or selected grids below. Mark – enters new grid names in 'New Name' column.

If needed, the names of the grids can be changed manually as well.

Change Last Symbol changes the last symbol letter in the 'New Name' column according to entered 'Mark Symbol' value.


Automatically Sort Grids - automatically sorts or changes the names of grids when the user makes any changes in a project.

For example, user adds a 'B' grid in a project – other grids are automatically renamed accordingly:

Pseudo Marks - Revit creates pseudo marks for repetitive grids.

For example, grid number 7 has been inserted between grids 1 and 2. After the renaming process, all vertical grids are renamed with numbers from 1 to 6. When the user selects OK, a warning window pops-up because a diagonal grid with name 6 already exists. Revit does not allow grid names to be identical, so Sort Mark creates pseudo-marks for the repetitive grid.

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