Update and Update by DC

Update Assemblies – updates selected Assemblies using a configuration that was used to create the Assembly and the modifications that were used for the Assembly.
  • Position and Far Clip Offset values will stay as they were before using this command.
  • If no assemblies have been selected, the Update Assemblies window will be opened.
Update by DC – updates selected Assemblies using default/global configuration settings.
  • Position for Detail Sections and Plan Detail views will be copied from views which is on the Sheet Template.
  • Far Clip Offset values for all views will be copied from views that are on the Sheet Template.
  • If there is no Sheet Template, default assembly positions will be used.
  • Update by DC will remove modifications made by Modify SDC by Instance command.
This window will appear if you click on Update Assemblies when no Assemblies are selected:
In this window, you can see all Assemblies created in the open project.
You can group them by selected parameters:
You can overview status, Go to Assembly Sheet, Edit, Update, or Recalculate Assemblies by selecting them from the list.
Last modified 8mo ago