Run Modifications

This is the second and final step of the family modification process. Smart Browser utilizes modification files to create a description of how families have to be modified.

The process has two steps:

  1. Modification file creation

  2. Running the described modifications

To run the modification process, click "Run Modifications". In the opened menu, choose the modification file you want to apply. When clicking OK, the Smart Browser will open every family that has to be modified and will apply the predefined modifications.

After running the modification, families will be saved in the same Revit version in which the process was run.

After the modification, Smart Browser will automatically fill in the 'Performed Modification Date' value.

Numbers in the modification completion notification window correspond to “how many families were modified / how many families were in modification task”.

Cases when those numbers would not match:

  1. Not all families in the modification file had modification tasks assigned

  2. Modifications did not go through

Modifications in which non-consistent units were used in parameters will simply not be loaded into the family. If modification breaks the family, Smart Browser will show an error message and will show the log file (.txt) to know which family caused the issue

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