Main Features

Sheathing and Paneling Layouts

Wood Framing Wall+ automates the creation of sheathing and paneling layouts. Sheathing or paneling layouts can be generated and split by existing studs, joists, or other predefined rules.

Before you start

Sheathing or paneling is created using Revit Parts.

In order to see the sheathing or paneling, you have to select Show Parts or Show Both in View Properties → Parts Visibility.

In the Element Properties you can find all information about every created sheathing/paneling segment. This information can later be used in tags and schedules.

Split Parts

Split Parts – splits sheathing or paneling into segments by predefined Sheathing Configuration or Paneling Configuration. You just need to select a wall or any frame of a wall.

Note: In order to see the sheathing, switch on Show Parts or Show Both under Parts Visibility in the View Properties.

Sheathing or Paneling will be split if selected wall layer will have the conditions below in Link Wall:

Framing Layer predefined as Sheathing, Sheathing II, or Paneling.

Sheathing/Paneling Configuration name selected. It saves all settings for the sheathing/paneling layouts.

Split Parts is ticked.

Split Parts – select if parts need to be split after using Split Parts function or should be split later. This is very useful if there are many layers in the wall, for example, two sheathing/paneling layers and you want to split only one.

Update Part Parameters

Update Part Parameters - updates part parameters from Sheathing/Paneling ConfigurationMark Settings without needing to use Split Parts on the wall or again. Also enters HostMemberSortMark parameter.

Number Parts


Number Parts - renumbers all sheathing/paneling elements (Parts) by predefined configuration in Numbering SetupPart Numbering Configuration. Part numbering configurations come from Sort Mark

Example: All sheathing/paneling elements (Parts) are grouped by Framing Member Mark, uniquely numbered, and have Framing Member Mark value as a prefix. Result is written to the Mark instance parameter. Read more about Sort Mark here

Sheathing Configuration

Sheathing Configuration – allows user to configure and save settings for the sheathing layouts. These settings can be saved and linked with wall layer using Link Wall.

Read more about Sheathing Configuration here

Paneling Configuration

Paneling Configuration – allows you to configure and save settings for the paneling layouts. These settings can be saved and linked with wall layer using Link Wall.

Read more about Paneling Configuration here

Modify Sheathing/Paneling

Modify Sheathing/Paneling – changes selected wall layer sheathing/paneling configuration to the new one from the list.

Split Part by Selection

Split Part by Selection – splits selected sheathing/paneling layout by predefined placement direction: From Start, From End, or From both Sides.

Part Assembly Menu


Part Assembly Menu – features for creating assemblies from parts and different part selection options.

Read more about Part Assembly Menu here

Reset Parts predefined to Split

Reset Parts predefined to Split – resets sheathing/paneling layout to a single part.

Reset Parts not predefined to be Framed

Reset Parts not predefined to be Framed – resets sheathing/paneling parts that were not predefined to be framed.

Reset All Parts

Reset All Parts – resets all sheathing/paneling layouts from selected wall.

Apply Extensions for Parts

Apply Extensions for Parts – applies extensions for sheathing/paneling parts and merges all part segments. Extension values come from Sheathing or Paneling Configuration.

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