Edit Window/Window Join Framing or Window/Door Join Framing

Framing Configuration may be found in two locations:


Window – Window Join Framing and Window – Door Join Framing

Window – Window Join Framing and Window – Door Join Framing configuration settings are used to predefine Left, Right, Middle, and Center Top or Bottom Trimmers and Cripples. Settings are saved under separate configuration name and can be adjusted for different join sizes (From – To).

Example: From = 0, To = 180. If the distance between openings is smaller than 180, then the openings will be joined and the trimmers or cripples will be modified with Edit Configuration.

Edit Configuration

In order to edit, create new, rename, or delete opening framing configuration, you have to click Edit Configurations for the structural or non-structural walls:

Default configurations will come together with the software. Default path to opening configurations is:

C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Tools 4 Revit\Wall+M(version) Configurations\Framing Configurations\Metric or Imperial\custom configuration name\WindowWindowJoins

It saves all the settings of trimmers, cripples that are listed down below in the dialog:


Include Opening Side Offset – controls whether or not the joined opening should have offsets around the opening, which come from single opening settings Offsets.

There are common settings for trimmers where you can predefine the type and automatically define the depth by layer thickness. With Use for all Trimmers you can automatically change the selected type for all left, right, middle, or center trimmers.

Here you can control Left and Right trimmers:

Left and Right positions from external wall side:

Here you can control Middle and Center trimmers:

Middle trimmers will be added equidistant from left and right trimmers:

Center trimmers will be added equidistant from left and right openings:

Here you can control Bottom Cripple Trimmer:

Example: Number of Bottom Trimmer Studs/Joists = 1:

Here you can control Top Cripples:

Note: Top/Bottom Cripples will work in joined windows if Automatically Align Opening Cripples with Studs is switched OFF near Common Settings. If it is ticked ON, then the cripples will be aligned with the main framing studs.


Custom Join

Custom Join – is a multi-functional dialog where user can define rules for joins including size, count, position, rotation, spacing, alignment etc. All these rules can be saved and used in other framing configurations or shared with other users. This type of dialog is used frequently in our products, so here you can find Custom Join detailed description

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