Configuration Window

In the Configuration window you can define settings for how Line-based and Point-based Families should be placed on the Host. Configurations are saved in your computer. Location of files is defined in Configuration Files' Location. Configurations can be created once and be used in any future projects.

  1. Select category of Host element.

  2. Assign Configuration to selected Group.

  3. Save, Rename, Duplicate, Create new configurations here.

  4. Hide Line-based Details, Hide Unused Tree Nodes. (self-explanatory)

  5. Choose appropriate tab to insert Line-based or Point-based Families on selected faces. You can drag-and-drop a selected element to change its position. Software inserts elements starting from first tab at the top.

  6. Detail priority tabs - here you can define rules for how selected Families can be distributed on Host elements.

  7. Configuration Group - here you can manage configuration groups.

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