Modification Window

On the top side of the window, you can access the action panel dedicated to the 'Modify Families' file, legends, and the window for the family preview image.

Families are conveniently grouped together in a tree, which may be filtered by any parameter. Define grouping parameters with 'Configure Grouping'.

The 'Configure Grouping' selection consists of the most general parameters. Additionally, the user can use any currently selected parameter within the table to make it a grouping parameter.

The higher the grouping parameter, the higher it will appear in the grouping tree view.

At the bottom of the window, the user can access additional controls for family modifications. Those include:

  1. Export Excel. Export the current state of the table into an Excel file. The exported Excel file may be used for parameter modification.

  2. Import Excel. Import all the changed values from Excel to the Family Modification table.

  3. Select Parameters. Add/remove existing parameters to/from the Family Modification table. Parameters come as a list of all parameters present in the families selected for modification.

  4. Preview 3D DWF. Opens the 3D DWF of the selected family for previewing if it was created with the library file.

In the main part of the window, you can see all the families selected for modification and their types in separate rows.

The number of rows shown in the table will depend on the number of Family Types present inside the chosen families.

Parameters can be selected with 'Select Parameters'.

All parameters from the selected families can be seen on the left side of the dialog. Select the parameters you want to modify by adding them to the right side of the dialog. Selected parameters

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