Stud/Joist Holes

Cut Holes

Cut Holes – choose whether the holes will be created according to the rules listed below.

Cut Diagonal Cripple Studs (in Wall+, Wall+M)

Cut Diagonal Cripple Joists (in Floor+, Floor+M, Roof+, Roof+M)

Cut Diagonal Cripple Studs/Joists – if ticked, then service holes will go through places with diagonal cripple studs/joists.

Cut Sloped Top/Bottom Plates (in Wall+, Wall+M)

Cut Sloped Rim Joists (in Floor+, Floor+M, Roof+, Roof+M)

Cut Sloped Top/Bottom Plates – if ticked, then service holes will go through places with sloped plates.

If unticked:

If ticked:

Custom Join

Custom Join – is a multi-functional dialog where user can define rules for holes including size, count, position, rotation, spacing, alignment etc. All these rules can be saved and used in other framing configurations or shared with other users. This type of dialog is used frequently in our products, so here you can read more about Custom Join detailed description

Array1 or Array2

A set of rules for placing many holes.

Array 1 or Array 2 – there are options to apply two array rules: Array from Top or Bottom of the frame. Offset from Top/Bottom – holes offset from top or bottom plate top face.

Spacing – spacing between rows of holes.

Number – amount of hole rows.

Measure – select hole-measuring method: From bottom or top of the frame to the center, bottom, or top of the hole family.

Build in Place

Build in Place – writes Yes/No information into the hole family instance parameter if it is build-in-place or is prefabricated with the whole wall/floor/roof frame. Later this parameter can be used in schedules or view filters.

Example with wood wall:

Example with wood floor:

Example with metal floor:

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