Modify/Calculate Parameters table - consists of selected walls in the project. Walls are grouped, grouping can be modified in Configure Grouping table.

Export to Excel - Selected wall data will be exported to Excel spreadsheet file.

Select parameters - Views the properties of the walls, which can be added or removed to Modify/Calculate table

Configure grouping - Adds additional grouped parameters to Modify/Calculate table

Additional functions will appear by right clicking on selected walls from the tab

Write Orientation - writes orientation (north, south, west, east) for selected walls to user created or selected instance text parameter

Set Location Mark - writes grid names where the wall is located.

Calculate Elevations – calculates Z coordinates for selected walls and writes values to selected parameter. The function works with instance length parameters.

Calculate Coordinates X;Y - calculates X and Y coordinates for selected walls and enters values to selected parameters. The function works with instance text parameters.

Decompose Wall Configuration - determines where openings will belong after the decomposition

Link Wall Layers – creates a link between selected wall layers and chosen wall types for future decomposing. Wall types for linking have to be of the same thickness as wall layers and be combined of only one layer.

Decompose Walls - explodes single wall layer into separate multiple wall layers.

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