Modify Roof/Floor Truss Type Parameters

  • Main truss type parameters are under Structural Group

  • Software controls all type parameters marked in red

  • User must control type parameters marked in green

  • Parameter VW_O (Vertical Web Offset) predefines an offset distance for vertical webs when truss ends are supported by other trusses

  • Software installation includes trusses with VW_O distance equal to zero

  • User can change value of type parameter VW_O at any time

  • Type parameter Min Diagonal Web Angle predefines minimal angle of diagonal webs at the ends of truss

  • It is easy to modify roof/floor truss type parameters with the function Modify Roof/Floor Truss Type Parameters

  • Configure Grouping function allows grouping trusses by family or type

  • Select Parameters function allows finding and selecting required parameters

  • Yellow color shows selected grouping parameters

  • Green color shows trusses that are used in project

  • White color shows that truss types are not used in project

  • Gray color shows trusses that don’t have selected parameter

  • User can select all column and change value of parameter in one click

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