You can create any number of schedules for each Assembly.

To add a new schedule or delete an existing one, use these buttons:

Create View - If ticked ON, the schedule will be created.

View Number - In Smart Assemblies it's not possible to have the same Views with the same Schedule Templates. If you try to make two same Views (schedules) have the same Schedule Templates, you get an error message like this:

But if you set different View Number values for those views, then it will be OK:

View - Select from three possible Schedule Types:

  • Schedule - schedule for one Category element

  • Part List - schedule for Multiple Categories

  • Material Takeoff - material takeoff for Multiple Categories

View Name - Enter the name for the selected

Template Type:

  • Schedule Instance - Schedule from the Project Browser will be used as Schedule Template

  • Schedule View Template - Recommended option - Schedule View Template will be applied as Schedule Template.

Count Field Type - Select if the Count parameter should show values By Assembly Instance or By Assembly Type.

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