Delete Hangers

There are 4 different delete commands in the MEP Hangers ribbon. The most recently used one will always appear at the top and the others can be accessed through a drop-down.

Delete commands work on both native Revit MEP elements (Ducts, Pipes, Cable Trays, Conduits) and MEP Fabrication Parts.

Hangers on different categories of MEP elements can be deleted at once.

Delete All

This command deletes all hangers (whether inserted manually or automatically using MEP Hangers) from the selected MEP elements.

A manually inserted hanger is one that has been copied using Revitʼs 'Copy' command.

Delete Elements

'Delete Elements' works the same as 'Delete All' except that it leaves the manually inserted hangers.

Delete Selected

This command, unlike the previous ones, should be used by selecting hangers (not the MEP elements). It will delete all hangers inserted with the same configuration (or the same Rule if multiple Rules are used inside the configuration) from the selected hangersʼ hosts.

Delete w/o Host

All hanger families are created as face-based elements and when inserted with MEP Hangers they are hosted onto the MEP elements (Ducts, Pipes, Cable Trays, Conduits). If the host MEP elements get deleted, hosted elements stay in the project but they become orphaned (without a host).

'Delete w/o Host' removes all hangers or supports in the project that have lost their host elements.

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