Fabric Sheets - Fabric Area

Fabric Area settings allow you to quickly create Fabric Sheet layouts on selected walls.

Fabric sheet - select sheet type from Fabric Sheets available in the project.

Tip: To have just one sheet (as opposed to a sheet layout), create a Fabric Sheet Type that is bigger than the wall size.

Major rebar - means that the selected bar of the sheet (Vertical or Horizontal) will be closer to the Exterior or Interior side of the Wall. It will be closer to the Exterior or Interior side of the wall depending on which cover settings you enter - External or Internal.

Exterior Cover - distance from external side of the wall to Major rebar

Interior Cover - distance from internal side of the wall to Major rebar

NOTE: Keep in mind that along with these cover settings, Wall Rebar Cover settings will also have have an effect.

Rebar Cover values should be smaller than the cover settings that you define in Fabric Area Exterior/Interior Cover parameters.

To make it easier, there are options in Common settings to change Rebar Cover settings automatically each time you use Wall Reinforcement on the wall. Read about it more here.

Sheet layout direction - choose if sheets will be distributed horizontally or vertically

Horizontal/Vertical layout rule - choose from which side of the wall sheet layout will start.

Lap Splice Position - option for sheets layout in Fabric Area boundary.

Major/Minor Lap Splice Length - overlapping distance for sheets in major and minor directions.

Example of settings and result:

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