Standalone vs Network license

We offer standalone (SLM) licenses and network (NLM) licenses for your company.

A standalone license permits the software to be installed on a single workstation (1 license = 1 computer) without the need to be connected to a company network.

How does the Network License work?

Network licenses can be shared among multiple employees. The Network License Manager (NLM), installed on one or more servers, controls the distribution of product licenses to users. The fixed subscription / annual fee for the network license is applied per server (not per license).

For example, if you have 8 seats of Excel2R, the software can be installed on as many workstations as you like, but only 8 users will be able to obtain the license at the same time. If a 9th user wants to use a license of Excel2R but all of them are currently in use, he will get an error message that the license is unavailable. One of the 8 active users should release a license or close Revit in order to free a seat for the 9th user. Any user can check license usage and who is currently using a given tool in the web browser dashboard.

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