Door/Window Openings Configurations

Opening configuration can be activated by clicking on "Door/Window Opening Configuration" in the Cut Opening menu.

Configuration has four settings:

  1. Insert to all found walls. This will insert door/window openings to all stacked walls found within the set distance;

  2. Auto join openings. This will automatically join openings if they are closer than the set distance. Joined openings always form a rectangle that is created by taking the furthest points of two original openings;

  3. Allow Join between Window and Door Openings. Cut Opening keeps track of which openings are doors and which are windows. Users can choose to join openings of the same category but not between the two categories;

  4. Extend Opening to Structural Wall's Base. This configuration will extend the bottom of the opening to the structural wall base in case it ends above it.

Inserting Door/Window Openings

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