Create Assembly From Truss

Create Assembly – makes shop drawings for selected trusses. Select any truss and a er clicking Create Assembly, the so ware will create shop drawings according to the predefined configuration.

Mandatory condition: selected trusses need to have a Mark value assigned:

This value will be used as the assembly name. You can find shop drawings in Project Browser under Assemblies.

  • Select a truss

  • Select Create Assembly from Truss function directly from Truss+ menu

  • Truss assemblies with predefined views are created if trusses are sorted and all truss elements have assigned material

  • User can get a warning message if truss mark parameter is empty, make sure to sort trusses before creating assemblies• Software shows another message if it can’t find material of some truss elements and can’t calculate weight of the assembly

  • When complete Truss+ will show Assembly Create/Update Report

An assembly combines all parts into a single entity, which is scheduled and isolated to create shop drawing views with tags and dimensions.

  • To disassemble assembly select an assembly then Disassemble Assembly from Truss+ menu

  • Entire assembly with corresponding views, schedules and details will be deleted

Disassemble Assembly – removes the assembly relationship between elements in the selected assembly and all associated views.

Recommended workflow:

Instead of Revit → Disassemble, we recommend using Truss+ Create AssemblyDisassemble Assembly as it doesn't show unnecessary pop-ups and deletes the gravity point.

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