Precast Concrete plugin for Revit helps you overcome the limitations of working in plain Revit when it comes to modeling precast projects and generating shop drawings for manufacturers.

The plugin lets you avoid manual modeling and repetitive, mind-numbing (not to mention error-inducing) drafting tasks. That way, you can focus on high-value tasks while Precast Concrete does the rest for you.

Our Precast Concrete design software for Autodesk Revit enables you to easily model prefabricated concrete walls, floor slabs, columns, and beams; batch-insert connection details (lifting anchors, bolts, cuts, couplers, corbels, etc.); place rebar in wall panels (solid, double, and sandwich) and beams (rectangular, L, and IT); and quickly generate shop tickets with proper element views, dimensions, and bills of materials.

Since it runs on Revit, you get full project updates in real time. All that ensures quality production and accurate assembly on site.

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