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AGACAD’s Weinmann BTL and BTLx Exporter allows manufacturers of timber house frames to predefine operations and rules for automated CNC machines, including sawing, drilling, trimming, and marking operations for every framing member – directly from Revit. Walls, floors, roof framing members, trusses, or individual framing elements can be exported using this application.

BTL and BTLx formats are free standards for timber fabrication typically for processing beams that are more detailed and complex. Whereas BTLx is a newer format that describes parts in a machine-independent geometry format and is not yet widespread, the BTL file extension is used worldwide (and not only in Weinmann machines), so the existing installation can easily be adapted if need be.

The Weinmann BTL and BTLx Exporter must be used with AGACAD Wood Framing Software

(, which creates the framing elements with all the necessary geometry and information data within the Revit project. Exported files can be viewed and checked with free BTL viewers.

Result in the free BTL viewer:

The BTL file contains all needed operations and information for cutting.

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