Sheathing Configuration

Sheathing Configuration


Sheathing Configuration – allows you to configure and save settings for sheathing layouts. These settings can be saved and linked with floor layer using Link Floor.

Sheathing Dimensions

Sheathing Dimensions – predefine vertical and horizontal sheathing sizes (Width and Length).

Sheathing Layout

Sheathing Layout – predefine settings for Top and Bottom sheathing layers.

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Division Profile

Division Profile – apply the pre-loaded profile and settings to part edges along dividers.

Horizontal/Vertical Gap – specifies the distance between divided horizontal and vertical parts. The default value is 0, which results in no gap.

Horizontal/Vertical Division Profile – apply the pre-loaded profile you select from the drop-down list to part edges along dividers. The default value is None.

Horizontal/Vertical Profile Edge Mirrored – specify how the profiles on the other side of a divider gap will be oriented.

Mark Settings

Mark Settings – predefine default values for these parameters for later use in schedules and tags.


Opening – predefine top, bottom, left, and right sheathing offsets from opening.

End Connection

End Connection – predefine sheathing settings for floor end connections.

Layer Extension – distance from floor face.

Example: For the free end connection, Layer Extension = 20:

Split at Joist – define the joist number at which the sheathing must be split.

Example: Split at Joist = 1:

Build in Place – writes Yes/No information into the sheathing instance parameter if it is build-in-place or is prefabricated with the whole floor frame. This parameter can later be used in schedules or view filters.

Excluded – removes the sheathing (part) from the model. Excluded sheathings are only visible when under the cursor and will not be included in schedules.

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