Managing users and their rights

Every user has a user role that determines what permissions they have on the platform.

This section describes each of the three possible user roles and then explains how to add and delete users on BIMAXON ICS and how to edit existing users.

User roles

Administrator (Admin)

Admin is the most powerful user role. It provides full control of the ICS environment. Administrators can add new classification systems, edit or delete systems created by other users in their level, and –most importantly– manage users. A user with the admin role can add new users to the ICS, change information about existing users, and remove any user from the system (even other administrators).


Users with the role of Moderator have control over the classification system(s) assigned to them. They can add, edit, publish and delete tables, including those created by others. They can also moderate, edit, and delete comments.

Moderators are not able to change ICS settings, create new classification systems or add new users.


Users with role of Guest can login to ICS and review classification systems added or created by Administrators and Moderators. They can also update their own user profiles and change their passwords. They cannot add or make changes to systems.

How to add or delete a user?

  1. Select “USERS” at the top of the navigation menu.

  2. Then, to add a user, click the "Add new user" button.

  1. Now pick a role for the new user.

  1. Enter the user’s full name.

  2. Enter the user's job title.

  3. Enter the user's responsibility (From ICS).

  4. Enter the user’s e-mail address.

  5. Check the box to make the user active

  6. Check the box if the user has access to BIMAXON CDE

And finally, click on "Save".

BIMIXON ICS will e-mail the new user with an invitation to log in and a temporary password.

To delete a user, simply select them, click the "Delete" button, and confirm the action by clicking "Yes".

How to edit an existing user?

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