Modify Families in Excel

Smart Browser allows modification of parameter values via Excel. This can help with entering product codes, prices, and any other data by copying it from databases into Excel or by using native Excel functionality to fill in the values quickly.


To modify any families via Excel, create a modification task for the necessary families (Modification task creation). In the modification window, add the parameters that need to be modified to the table with the 'Select Parameters' button:

Once the necessary list is ready, click the 'Export to Excel' button and follow the regular file-saving process. When creating the Excel file, Smart Browser will ask whether you want to open it.

After exporting the Excel file, you may close Smart Browser or Revit altogether. It is not required to keep either of them open.

In Excel, you can modify only the parameter values of types: Text, Number, Integer, and Yes/No. All the non-modifiable cells will be locked by default. You can use the general Excel functionality to enter data into the unlocked cells. Excel may be sent to multiple people for modifications.

Any data entered into previously locked cells will be ignored during the import.

When unprotecting (unlocking) the sheet, errors might occur that will prevent the information from loading back into the Smart Browser.

Color-Coding in Excel

There are 6 colors used in Excel:

Grouping parameter. Non-editable

Instance parameter. Editable

Type parameter. Editable

Shared parameter. Editable

Formula-based parameter. Non-editable

Missing parameter. Non-editable

After entering the required data, save the modified Excel file. Head back to Revit and open the same 'Modify Families' file from which the Excel was exported. Click 'Import Excel' in the bottom menu, and choose the modified Excel file.

That will load all the new values to the Modify Families window, and the modification file can be saved, closed, and applied (see Run Modifications)

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