Getting Started

In this tutorial, you will learn how to perform your first basic export with just a few button presses.

As an example, we are going to go through the steps to prepare and export this wall assembly:


Before exporting anything, we need to ensure everything is modelled correctly and all required information is filled in.


To export wall, floor or roof frame assemblies correctly, we need to make sure that everything is modelled and adjusted using Wall+, Floor+ or Roof+ software, respectively.

Any frame elements that are copied or placed using Revit internal tools will not export (if exporting only singular elements, they can be made using Revit internal tools, but the results might vary in quality).


Every exportable element has to have a number assigned to it. The easiest way to do it is through Number Elements feature, found in any of the three framing software’s ribbon menus.

With the assumption that configuration is set up in advance, we will use all three options present: Number Elements, Number Walls and also Number Parts. This will ensure that everything has a number assigned to it and will result in a more satisfactory end result.


Now that we have the model prepared, we are ready to make an export.

  • First, find the exporter in the ribbon. It is going to be located in T4R CNC tab.

  • Expand the exporter ribbon menu and select the desired option. For the purposes of this tutorial Export selected Wall Frames to CNC is used (for more information about the different selections in Ribbon section)


  • Select any element in the framed assembly of the wall you want to export

  • Press Esc on your keyboard to finish selection

  • Select the configuration from the dropdown menu for this specific export and press OK. For this tutorial, we will go with the Default option that comes with the exporter.

  • Wait for the export to finish

  • Once finished, review and close the report window

  • Navigate to your export location to find your exported file ready

  • Review the result

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