Sample Block Preparation

Before working with Dynamic Legend, a sample block must be created in a Legend view.

There's a video guide for sample block preparation as well

Lines and Text Notes

You can create a sample block to your liking using lines and text notes. Place the text note where you would like to have a parameter name. This block will be copied multiple times with relevant parameter names and values filled in automatically.

Generic Annotation for Parameter Values

Also, a sample block must contain a generic annotation M_SM_Legend Parameter Text.rfa. This text annotation will be filled with parameter values. You can load this family into the project by clicking “Load Sample Annotations”.

For imperial projects, the I_SM_Legend Parameter Text.rfa is used

Legend Component

A sample block must also have a Legend Component.

These Legend Components can act as a graphical representation of elements in the table and are automatically updated for different families.

Images can be used instead of Legend Components as well. And these images will also be updated automatically for different families.

To do that, images must have identical names to families and all images must be stored in one location.

For a detailed guide, watch this video.

Detail Item of Resizable Frame (optional)

"Load Sample Annotations" also loads in the M_SM_Legend Component Dimension.rfa family. It can also be used in the sample block. It will size itself accordingly to the Width and Height instance parameters of families.

These frames are often placed above the Legend Components and are dimensioned to graphically represent the sizes of elements (see examples below).

Example designs of sample blocks

Horizontal sample block. A block includes a Legend Component with the Detail Item Frame family with dimensions and a parameter name and value below. More rows of parameters (e.g. Width, Height, material, count, etc.) will be created later below the block.

Horizontal sample block with an image instead of a Legend Component.

Horizontal sample block with multiple Legend Components with different View Directions and a dimensioned Frame.

Vertical sample block with a Legend Component and row numbers. More columns for parameters (e.g. Width, Height, material, count, etc.) will later be created on the right side of the block.

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