Opening Revision (Updates)

Cut Opening can recognize and update openings according to changes:

  • User made changes to the Opening element

  • User made changes to the structural element (host)

  • User made changes to the MEP element (cutting element)

To review the openings in the project, click on "Opening Revision"

This function will analyze all the openings in the project and will report if any issues/changes need to be coordinated.

Possible listings can be divided into two sub-categories "Changes made directly to an opening" and "Changes made to host or cutting element":

  • Created Opening - all is good here, no changes are needed;

  • Change Dimension - The dimension of opening was either changed by the user and needs to be confirmed, or the cutting element dimension was changed thus requiring the opening dimension change;

  • Change Position - The opening was moved by the user and its new position needs to be confirmed

  • Change Depth - Structural element (host) depth changed or opening depth does not equal the structural element depth;

  • Change Cut Offset - the opening cut offset was changed by the user and needs to be registered in Cut Opening as a valid change;

  • Cutting Element Changed Position - the MEP element was moved thus requiring the Cut Opening to move the opening to the new position;

  • Cutting Element not found - the MEP element was deleted. Users can choose to delete such openings;

  • Unjoin - One of the above changes affects the joined openings. At first, it has to be unjoined to determine which exact change applies.

With all the change messages, users can review openings by selecting those in the table and creating a section box.

For the category of "Changes made directly to an opening", users can select to approve those or to undo those:

For the changes that happen due to the changed host or MEP, users can select "Agree with last changes", which will enter new data to the previously inserted openings (move, resize), or ignore those messages.

Changes will be applied only to the elements that are currently visible in the table.

After the updates are applied, openings will be moved to the "Created Openings" category.

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