Face Rebar Configurations

Face Rebar configurations can be utilized for Wall, Structural Framing and Structural Columns Categories.

To create Rebar By Face, first you must set Face Rebar Configurations, which are located in the Wall reinforcement toolbar in the Configuration section.

Configure what rebar types will be created along faces, determining Bar shape, Rebar type etc. Refer to images for correct layout type, choose spacing distances for rebars created by face.

Create rebar by face using one of three functions.

Create Rebar By Face - according to your settings reinforcement will be created along the selected face.

To Create Rebar Between Faces, you must make 3 selections. First, select the face side where rebars will be generated. Then, choose the face from which your rebars will start and the face where they will end.

Create Rebar From Face - firstly select the face side where reinforcement will be created, after choose face where rebars will start. In the table determine distance from face.

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