Additional Reinforcement

This feature allows you to place U, L, O, and straight bar shapes at selected wall edges. Edges may be horizontal or vertical.

Configuration Settings

Face position - pick the side(s) where rebar should be created Min/Max Search distance - sets the limits of cuts on wall edges

Bar shape - different rebar shapes are pictured in the configurations window Rebar bar type - select type of reinforcement Bar length, Extend distance, Anchorage length, Edge cover - refer to the images in the configurations window Interior/Exterior cover - cover from selected side of the wall layer

End cover - if bar end will intersect with another boundary of the wall, this distance will be used as an offset from it

Flip - available only for U-shape 90 and L-shape rebars. If option is turned ON, then rebar direction will be turned over.

Rebar Plane Reference - defines plane, which will be used to set up distance from the edge (see image below):

Layout rules along the edge

Layout rule Center - number of rebar with defined spacing will be distributed symmetrically around center of the edge Start/End - rebar set with defined spacing will be created starting from selected end of edge line with defined offset. Opposite end offset will control where to stop laying out bars. Start End - rebar will be created at exact positions of Start/End offsets and distributed with defined spacing. In this case, a rebar set might be created and then one single bar at the end of the layout.

Spacing - distance between bars Start/End offsets - distance from the start/end of wall edge ends Wall cover - available only for U and O shapes. If this option is turned ON, then cover settings will be calculated from Wall sides, not from Wall layer sides.

Create O stirrup - available for U shape only. If there is no space to place rebar of defined length (e.g. opening is near the edge), then O-shaped bar will be created instead of U-shaped bar.

Delete if no space- available for U and O shapes only. If there is no space to place rebar of defined length (e.g. opening is near the edge), rebar will be deleted.

Rebar hook type - select a hook type that is available in your project.

Hook Position - available only for O shape. The hook can be set to 1 of the 4 corners of the stirrup.

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