Floor supports

  • Use the Floor Supports command to define Revit floor supports prior to using Panel Layout subdivision functionality.
  • Select Floor Supports from the Floor Panel Layout menu.
  • Select Add Supports in the Floor Supports menu. Note: Floor supports may be structural framing (beams), walls, or grid elements.
  • Follow the instructions by picking floor and supports.
  • As floor supports are added, a Split Line will be generated at the center of the support element.
  • Floor panels will be cantilevered or offset from the selected support elements by the values input in Panel Settings - C antilevered Offsets from Supports
Options in the Floor Supports menu.
  • Add Multi-type Supports - allows different types of supports to be selected (i.e. walls/beams/grids/structural framing)
  • Add Supports - allows only one type of supporting elements to be selected (i.e. walls)
  • Add Inner Support / Add Two Inner Support - allows for supports to be selected at the inside of the floor perimeter
  • Add Trimmed Corner Supports - allows you to form a corner support by selecting two corner elements
  • Show Support Elements - allows you to see which elements were selected as supporting
  • Update Floor Supports - allows you to update floor support division (i.e. split lines) if support layout has changed
  • Delete All Floor Supports - deletes all support elements and split lines which were generated with Floor Supports function. All support lines added manually (using Revit functionality) will remain.
  • Delete Selected Floor Supports - deletes only the selected support and support line. It will update remaining supports according to the changed layout.
Last modified 9mo ago