How to Add Legends to Assembly Sheets

Smart Assemblies allows you to automatically place Legends on Assembly Sheets.

Legends are Views, but in Revit, these Views cannot be created as separate Assembly Views.

To add Legends to your Assembly sheet, you need to drag them from the Project Browser and place them on the Assembly sheet.


  1. In the Shop Drawings Configuration window, add a view and select it to be a Legend.

  2. In the View Template column, select which Legend you want to create for Assemblies with this configuration.

  3. Create the Smart Assembly.

  4. Drag views to the Assembly Sheet.

  5. Drag Legends to the Assembly Sheet.

  6. Return to the Shop Drawings Configuration and select this Sheet to be a Sheet Template.

  7. Now create other Assemblies using this Configuration.

All these new Assemblies will have Legends placed on the Sheet automatically at the same location as in the Sheet Template.

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