Smart Browser is a universal BIM solution for data organization in the form of an Autodesk® Revit® loadable element library. Smart Browser aims to simplify creating Revit libraries, give you flexibility in browsing families, and ensure full control over the families stored in a given library.

Included features:

Fast search

Advanced loading

Unique features

See families directly in Revit

See them in the order you want Check family parameters before loading

Quickly find a specific family by any criteria

Load just a single type of family

Load multiple families at once Compare families in the library & project; review discrepancies

Modify, fix & upgrade families singly or in batch

Change parameter values, add new parameters, rename old ones Export data from families to Excel Easily find & eliminate mistakes in families

Smart Browser is software designed for speed and precision. Unique features save lots of time and improve results for BIM managers, team leads, architects, designers, structural and MEP engineers. The modular approach makes it efficient and cost-effective for single users as well as for offices of all sizes. Three main modules – named “BIM Manager”, “Team Leader”, and “Team Member” – provide slightly different functionality to meet company and user needs. Additionally, Agacad provides a free version of the tool named “Smart Browser Free”.

Smart Browser modules:

BIM Manager - This module has the fullest functionality, starting from company library creation and ending with extensive real-time management of all elements present in an active Autodesk® Revit® project.

This module consists of two tools: Smart Browser Manage and BIM Tree Manager. Smart Browser Manage is for working with libraries whereas BIM Tree Manager is for working with all elements used in an active project by accessing both shared and family parameters from a project environment.

Team Leader – This module consists of the Smart Browser Team Leader tool. Team Leader can create, browse, and manage libraries, browse project families, and update families in the project according to the library. Family modification is not accessible through the Team Leader version.

Team Member – This module consists of the Smart Browser Team Member tool. Team Member can browse libraries that have already been created, browse project families, and update families in the project according to the library. Family modification and library creation are not accessible through the Team Member version.

Free – The tool can create, browse, and manage libraries.

The Free version is automatically installed with the Tools4BIM Dock and appears in the same Revit Tab:

To install the professional Smart Browser version, click the 'Show Dock' button. In the opened menu, select the 'Smart Browser' menu represented by the yellow icon, and choose the module you want to install:

After installation, the new version should be automatically added to your Revit ribbon under the 'T4R Create/Modify' tab. You can use tools functions from both the Tools4BIM Dock and from the Revit ribbon:

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