Configuration Settings

Framing Configuration may be found in two locations:


Configuration Settings 1/2 1/13/23, 10:52 AM FRAMING CONFIGURATION – Common Settings – Configuration Settings : AGACAD

Use for all Framing Elements (except Openings) – if ON, then the selected Joist and Rim Joist families will be used for other framing elements, like connections, bridgings, noggings, etc. without an option to change it to a custom family.

Main Type of Joists (or Rim Joists) – pick a family and type for the Joist or Rim Joist.

Use sample families which comes together with the software. Do not use any other families!

You can use other families only in special cases. Contact us (

Width (b) – shows the width, b, parameter value of the selected family type.

Depth (h, d) – shows the depth, h or d, parameter value of the selected family type.

Define Depth (h, d) by Layer Thickness – the software will create a new type for the selected family and change the depth value to the roof layer thickness so that the frames will fit the layer in the wall.

Roof Frame Panels – if ON, then roof frames are assembled in factory; if OFF – assembled on-site. 2/2

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