(Archive) Setup: Sample Families & Configurations

SIP Panel software comes together with a set of sample configurations that can be modified based on user-specific standards and requirements, as well as sample families.

Before working with SIP Panels, you must perform two simple steps:

  1. Load the sample families into your project.

  2. Map the sample configurations

Later, you can modify or create new configurations using the sample ones as a starting point and modify our sample families or create new types.

Load Sample Families

Step 1 - Wood Framing Families

Before starting to work on a new project; you’ll need to use Load Families under Settings:

We recommend loading the family catalogs and sample schedules checked in the image above.

Read more about Load Families.

This step needs to be repeated for Wall+, Floor+, and Roof+ tools:

Step 2 - SIP Families

After that, we must load sample families with additional types created specifically for SIP Panel structures from either the Metric or Imperial catalog:

These sample families, as well as sample configurations, are provided together with the trial of SIP Panels software for Revit. Contact us if you are interested.

You can simply drag and drop them into the project:

After that, make sure to check “Do this for all loading families” and choose “Overwrite the existing version and its parameter values”:

These steps will need to be repeated for each new project.

Map Sample Configurations

Now that we have all families used in our sample configurations for SIP Panels loaded into the project, we can map the configurations so that we’d be able to use and modify them.

Sample configurations for SIP panels are provided together with the trial of SIP Panels software for Revit. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

First, open “Configuration Files’ Location”:

And then browse to:

Folder NameTool Name


Wall Wood Framing (Wall+)


Floor Wood Framing (Floor+)


Roof Wood Framing (Roof+)

It's very important that you'd browse to these exact folders that contain all needed subfolders in order to use the configurations without any issues.

Example with Wall Wood Framing (Wall+) tool:

This is a one-time process. Configurations will stay mapped when starting a new Revit project with SIP panels.

After you have completed this setup, you can start benefiting from SIP Panel software for Revit, which makes wood framing with structural insulated panels fast and easy with real-time, full-project updates in Autodesk® Revit®. Plus the software generates views with automatic dimensions for panels or segments as well as accurate bills of materials and shop drawings. So quality production and accurate assembly on site are ensured. Read more about the functionality: Wall Wood Framing Floor Wood Framing Roof Wood Framing

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