Direct export of timber multi-layered frames from Revit® to Weinmann® CAD/CAM Production Lines

Agacad CNC Exporter for Weinmann WUP allows companies that build timber frame houses to predefine operations and rules for each stage of the production line, including sawing, drilling, trimming, and marking operations for every framing member – directly from Revit. The software exports your multilayer timber frame model and all predefined operations from Revit to production files. WUP files control all processes in the production line.

The Weinmann WUP exporter must be used with AGACAD Wood Framing software, which creates the framing elements with all the necessary geometry and information data inside the Revit project. The Weinmann WUP Exporter converts that data into a CNC-machine-readable format.


- Application generates WUP extension files readable by automated Weinmann CAD/CAM production lines - Selected wall, floor, roof frames, and trusses can be exported from the Revit model to a WEINMANN WUP file with just one click - Allows for export of main frame, main frame and external layers, main frame and internal layers, main frame and external layers without siding, or all layers - Different walls may be exported to a single CNC file for prefabrication. Later during the manufacturing process, top and bottom plates will be cut for separate walls - Automate element identification and marking for plates, rim joists, girders, studs, joists, and columns

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