Shop Drawing Configuration

Truss+ will collect all elements from a truss and make an assembly with predefined views, add dimensions, add tags, make sheets, and put the views into the sheets

• Select Shop Drawing Configuration function directly from Truss+ menu

The basic shop drawing workflow consists of the following steps:

  1. Truss+ → define Drawing Configuration

  2. Truss+ → make shop drawings for one or multiple trusses using Create Assembly

  3. Truss+ → number the framing members using Sort Trusses

  4. Drag shop drawing views onto the sheet for one assembly and save it as a sheet template

  5. Truss+ → make shop drawings for other truss segments

  6. Truss+ → update shop drawings if any changes have been made to the mode

  • Configurations can be saved, duplicated, renamed, and deleted

  • You can check the location of configurations under Current Configuration Location:

  • Shop Drawing Configuration allows to set up and modify assembly views, schedules, and sheets respectively.

  • Select, add or modify Views that must be created for truss assembly

  • Select corresponding View Templates

  • Select tag type for tagging of truss members - structural framing elements

  • Select Title block, Part list and Material Takeoff templates

  • Sheet Template can be used once first assembly of truss is built and the sheet layout of views and schedules is complete

Using Create Assembly Views additional buttons you can:

  • Create new view

  • Duplicate view

  • Delete view

  • Move up view

  • Move down view


Trusses created with Truss+ may be exported for production to various CNC machines or CAD/CAM production lines. Optional CNC export eliminates duplicate work and reduces the margin of error. It is a major advantage for integrated workflow.

For more details about Export to CNC functionality please contact customer support.

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