Floor Panel Layout is the ultimate prefabricated floor panelling software for Autodesk Revit. It's for planning floor panels and splitting them into massive concrete slabs, hollow core slabs, or timber/metal framed floors.

Floor Panel Layout takes the architect’s designed floor and automates the laying out of panels. The software draws symbolic lines to indicate the arrangement of panels according to predefined rules. Then it creates real Revit floor panels – massive concrete, hollow core slabs, or timber/metal framed segments.

Floors created from regions can be framed using Wood or Metal Framing Floor+. Prefabricated floor framing can include battens, bracing, edge joists, flooring, etc.

Below are two possible workflows for creating massive concrete, hollow core slabs, or framed floors.

  • Structural engineers can easily create floor panels according to the floor geometry designed by the architect

  • Precast floor designers and manufacturers can create floor panel layouts of prefabricated floor panels – massive concreteor hollow core slabs, according to user's specific rules


Floor Panel Layout automatically:

  • divides an architectural floor into coarse regions identified by using floor edges, supports (split lines), or openings(Generic or System)

  • divides a selected floor face or the whole floor into panels by a predefined spacing and layout method

  • creates individual floor segments – massive concrete, hollow core slabs, or timber/steel segments – based on the panel layout


  • Updates panels accordingly if architect’s floor design changes

  • Panels that have been created can easily be controlled, aligned, modified, or additionally split.

  • Existing floor panels can be framed using Wood Framing Floor+ or Metal Framing Floor+

  • Saves hundreds of hours per project. Without this solution Revit users would need to draw individual panels manually,one by one, accounting for various openings and floor shapes every time.

  • If there are changes to the floor, the user just needs to update the panel layout with “Update Panel Layout” for theselected floor segment or the whole floor- .

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