Detail Priorities Window

  1. Select Family which should be inserted.

  2. Special options available only for Point-based elements. You can insert elements based on certain conditions, forexample, only at beam intersections, only if another element is nearby, only if it's a corner/end/T connection of walls, etc.

  3. Layout direction of elements on face.


Select Category - select category of Families you want to insert. Possible Categories - Smart Connections, Structural Framing, Generic Model. Only selected Category elements will be available in the drop-down window below.

Family and Type Browser - opens window for easy visual selection of elements you want to insert. It will filter out all Point-based or Line-based families, depending on which tab you are in.

Or you can select an element from the drop-down menu.

Insert Details - tick ON if you want to insert element based on rules in this Detail Priority window.

Elements can be inserted on one side or both sides; select option from drop-down menu

Flip by X Axis, Flip by Y axis - allows you to flip family during insertion. To make it work, you have to have control arrows inside the element's Family.

Flip by Workplane - flips workplane

Flip if Host is Flipped - flips your detail according to the flip direction of your Host element. For example, the profile on the right has been flipped, so if you insert details with Flip if Host is Flipped unchecked, then you'll get this result:

But if you want to correct it, tick ON Flip if Host is Flipped and get this result:

Cut Geometry - allows you to cut Host element if you have a void inside of your detail Family. Join Geometry - allows you to join Host element with detail Family.

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